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24 Welcome Email to New Employee Examples

2023-03-20 14:00:58 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

In the modern workplace, recruitment and onboarding are essential to creating a thriving work environment. Strengthening your welcome email to new employees is one of the best ways to kick off their journey at... Read more

5 Real Estate Email Templates

2023-03-09 12:00:20 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

Email marketing is a key tool for any real estate business looking to attract and retain clients. Real estate email templates can help streamline the process of creating and sending effective emails that engage... Read more

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5 Email Introduction Examples

2023-02-20 15:00:56 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

Are you looking for ways to introduce your business in a more engaging and persuasive way? Do you have an important event or product launch coming up and need to make sure your message draws in the right people? If... Read more

10 Invoice Email Template Examples

2023-02-06 18:00:16 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

For businesses, having a professional invoice email template can make communicating payment expectations to clients simple and efficient. We’ve compiled 10 of the best invoice email template examples that are... Read more

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How to End An Email: 20 Examples

2023-01-11 15:00:36 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

Ending an email is just as crucial as beginning one. Knowing how to write a powerful closing and email signature can make all the difference in creating a lasting impression on your recipient. In this article,... Read more

7 Email Format Examples for Businesses

2023-01-05 12:00:51 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

When it comes to running a successful business, communication is key. Effective business communication not only requires clarity, but also the use of appropriate email formats and etiquette. In this article,... Read more

5 Sales Email Templates

2023-01-02 15:00:27 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

When it comes to selling, email is still a powerful tool. But crafting the perfect email can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. That’s where our five sales email templates come in handy! These free... Read more

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5 Sales Follow-Up Email Examples

2023-01-02 12:00:21 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

If you’re like most sales professionals, you spend a lot of time crafting your initial email pitch. But what happens after that? Unfortunately, many sales reps simply stop communicating with their prospects,... Read more

14 Professional Email Subject Line Examples

2022-12-20 12:00:01 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

Email subject lines should provide a short but informative peek at the message you’re sending. Sometimes, these snippets come to you easily. In other cases, you may need help or inspiration to come up with what... Read more

4 Recruiting Email Templates

2022-12-14 15:00:03 +0100 | Source: SmallBizTrends

The hiring process can be incredibly competitive, especially when there are so many great candidates to choose from. Recruiting someone for a role is about establishing a good first impression and building their... Read more

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