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How to Collect Email Addresses and Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

2020-12-17 11:59:22 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Email marketing is shielded from the fluctuating algorithms that influence most online marketing platforms, making it a reliable tool for generating a loyal audience.  But email marketing only works if... Read more

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How to Use GIFs in Email (And Win More Customers)

2020-12-15 11:26:45 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Many email marketers have turned to GIFs to add a visual flair that engages their readers in a meaningful way. Unlike other email add-ins, GIF animations are simple to implement and strongly supported across a variety... Read more

Happy New Year Emails: 8 Templates for Your New Year Email Campaign

2020-12-11 15:59:44 +0100 | Source: MailGen

The beginning of the New Year marks a time when consumers are focused on starting new projects, implementing change and planning out the year ahead. Take advantage of this fresh start by sending out targeted... Read more

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13 Email Pop-ups to Generate More Subscribers

2020-12-07 17:29:54 +0100 | Source: MailGen

There are plenty of ways you can acquire email addresses, from buying a list (which we don’t recommend) to adding a sign-up web form to your landing page, but one of the most effective ways is triggering an... Read more

9 Email Types to Grow Your Business

2020-11-30 18:05:56 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Email marketing is an excellent way to build relationships, engage with potential customers and increase sales for your business. In fact, 74% of marketers who use email consider it the best distribution channel for... Read more

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How to Increase Open & Click-Through Rates with Email Video

2020-11-24 13:23:02 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Video email is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to quickly communicate information in an engaging and memorable way, helping to boost brand awareness and drive engagement.  To get it right, video email... Read more

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How to Run Email Blast Campaigns that Actually Work

2020-11-17 09:45:54 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Email blast campaigns enable marketers to reach hundreds or even thousands of people in one go.  Unfortunately, some associate the term with irrelevant and unwelcome emails. For many, “blasting”... Read more

How to Nurture Leads with Drip Email Marketing

2020-11-09 18:29:49 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Growing your email subscriber list doesn’t necessarily equate to increased customer engagement. In fact, as your email list grows, it gets harder to send truly relevant emails to your entire subscriber list at... Read more

How to Stay Clear of Email Blacklists

2020-11-03 15:20:51 +0100 | Source: MailGen

If you’re wondering how emails get flagged as spam, look no further than the email blacklist.  Ending up on an email blacklist means that you have a low-quality list and/or your content has been deemed... Read more

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How to Use Email Preheaders to Increase Open Rates

2020-10-27 12:02:32 +0100 | Source: MailGen

Standing out in your subscribers’ inboxes is easier said than done, especially given that worldwide an average of 306.4 billion emails are sent and received each day—a figure expected to rise to 361.6... Read more

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