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WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to print shipping labels for WooCommerce

2022-08-17 17:20:53 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Shipping labels may not seem like a big part of running an ecommerce business, but they are vital to logistics and a well-run order fulfillment process. The absence of clear and organized shipping labels for... Read more

How to get more positive feedback on Amazon

2022-08-17 15:18:56 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

More than two-fifths of US Amazon shoppers say that they shop on Amazon because of product reviews and recommendations. If you want to find ecommerce success on Amazon, prioritize getting a high Seller Feedback... Read more

How to post a video to YouTube the right way: 2022 checklist

2022-08-16 00:06:43 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

If you’re reading these words, then I’ll assume that you’ve dove headfirst into the wonderful world of video marketing for your small business. Whether you shot a selfie video on your smartphone or... Read more

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The ultimate guide to key performance indicators (KPIs) 

2022-08-12 17:00:41 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

The need for using data in your business or organization when making decisions cannot be overstated. After all, to be successful, you need to know where you are at the moment and where you are going. Measuring your... Read more

Tell the world you’re open for business with a .store domain

2022-08-11 22:43:33 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

If you’re having a hard time finding a memorable domain name with a legacy domain extension for your online business, you might want to check out how the .store domain could help. Over the last two years, the... Read more

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WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to sell on Walmart Marketplace with WooCommerce

2022-08-10 17:27:07 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

When it comes to branching out to online marketplaces, Walmart may not be the first site that comes to mind. More established sites like Amazon or eBay may be your first consideration for third-party marketplaces.... Read more

Setting up the sticky floating navigation menu in WordPress

2022-08-08 17:31:29 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

A sticky floating navigation menu stays on top of the screen as a user scrolls down the page. Some WordPress themes have this feature built in, as an option in their settings. But if your theme doesn’t have this... Read more

3 absolute musts when adding WordPress plugins

2022-08-05 18:02:33 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging and website development, and it’s easy to see why. It is free to use and adding WordPress plugins can help you improve your website and make it more... Read more

Brand your online business effectively with a .online domain

2022-08-05 16:30:40 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Within the last few years, reports have shown a rapid surge in online business growth and strong branding is a large contributor. It’s an absolute must for fledgling businesses to survive (and thrive) in this... Read more

What to consider when redesigning a website

2022-08-04 15:26:08 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Is your website feeling a little stale and outdated? Perhaps your sales are stagnant? If you answered yes, it might be time for a website redesign. And while redesigning a website might seem daunting, with the right... Read more

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