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Building a powerful LinkedIn profile: Tips for networking and job searching

2023-06-22 20:00:08 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Having a strong online presence is crucial when it comes to job searching and building professional connections. This is something that cannot be ignored — it’s time to look at building a LinkedIn... Read more

What is Stripe? How does it work to process payments?

2023-06-22 15:30:11 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Offering convenient, secure payment processing is a critical component of any online store, but it can be difficult to evaluate the different options available to small businesses today. In this article, you’ll... Read more

The entrepreneur’s guide to dealing with procrastination

2023-06-21 18:00:31 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

As an entrepreneur, there’s always a never-ending to-do list to tackle. But what happens when you forget about dealing with procrastination? Suddenly, you might find yourself scrolling through social media or... Read more

NamesCon — a recap for 2023

2023-06-14 19:27:06 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

NamesCon, one of the leading in-person events for the domain name industry, returned to the Omni Hotel in Austin, Texas, on May 31, 2023. The bumper crowd of more than 1,250 people had plenty of networking and... Read more

How to develop a support system for better mental health

2023-06-14 18:00:05 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Everyone needs to develop a support system for better mental health. We’re wired for connection and community. And we may need different communities – or support systems – for different parts of our... Read more

How to support LGBTQIA+ people inside & outside your organization

2023-06-09 21:58:39 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

As we enter Pride 2023, it’s a good time for business owners to think about how to support LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace — both employees and customers alike. Consider this: according to the most recent... Read more

Everything you need to know ahead of our WordCamp Europe 2023 recap

2023-06-05 23:05:11 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Our team is on the way to Athens, Greece in anticipation of our WordCamp Europe 2023 recap post, where we’ll be dishing all the latest updates and industry news for all things WordPress. Join us from June 8-10,... Read more

How to protect your mental health as an entrepreneur

2023-06-02 18:00:25 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

As you think about ways to protect your mental health, consider that one in five adults in the United States have reported a mental illness? For entrepreneurs, that number skyrockets. Forbes reported, “72% of... Read more

Creating a vision board for success

2023-05-31 18:00:23 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

I will be the first to admit, when I heard of creating a vision board, I thought the whole thing seemed a little woo-woo. I just cut pictures up and paste them to a piece of poster board and I’m supposed to... Read more

How to start selling online, full guide for beginners

2023-05-30 15:30:44 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Is selling online over-saturated? No way! It’s still very doable to make money from anywhere with a laptop. You just need to learn how to sell online and have the dedication to make it work. This guide will give... Read more