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The Ultimate Spam Trap Survival Guide: How to Stay Out of Spam

2023-11-30 16:00:00 +0100 | Source: Litmus

Email geeks, we see all the hard work you put into your email marketing campaigns. Once you have a great idea, there’s the copywriting, the design work, the coding, the endless back-and-forth editing, and then... Read more

This Month in Email: A Recap of Email Marketing News in November 2023

2023-11-30 14:00:00 +0100 | Source: Litmus

Welcome back to our latest installment of This Month in Email—your go-to series for all the latest happenings in the world of email marketing. What happened in November (aka the busiest month for inbox... Read more

The New Email Deliverability Rules: How to Make Sure You Reach Your Gmail and Yahoo Subscribers

2023-11-27 16:07:12 +0100 | Source: Litmus

Is there any way to ensure your emails always land in the inbox?  With Google and Yahoo enforcing new email deliverability rules, reaching your subscribers is about to get more difficult. But worry not—as... Read more

The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails for November 2023

2023-11-27 14:00:00 +0100 | Source: Litmus

We’re back, with the highlights of our inbox in this weird liminal space between Thanksgiving and December! Is it the holiday season yet? Can we get away with putting up Christmas lights before December 1st? Who... Read more

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The Best Green Monday Emails in Our Inboxes (And What We Can Learn From Them)

2023-11-24 17:49:25 +0100 | Source: Litmus

There are two kinds of people in the world: The ones who already have their holiday shopping checked off, cookies made, and tree lit the day after Halloween…and the ones who wait until the last possible second... Read more

ESP Migration: How to Make the Process Smooth

2023-11-21 14:00:00 +0100 | Source: Litmus

Your email service provider (ESP) is essential to your email marketing workflow. Without it, you wouldn’t have a way to deliver the messages you work so hard to strategize, design, and test to your audience.... Read more

Evaluating AI Tools: Key Aspects Email Marketers Should Consider

2023-11-20 20:58:01 +0100 | Source: Litmus

It’s 2023, and artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From generative AI tools like ChatGPT to coding assistants like GitHub Copilot, the potential of AI is top of mind for almost everyone in the digital... Read more

How to Create Progress Bars in Emails with Litmus Personalize

2023-11-20 19:24:35 +0100 | Source: Litmus

Did you know that building emails is the biggest bottleneck in the email production cycle? If efficiency is the name of your game, then tools that help reduce the need for manual coding could very well become your... Read more

How to Use Email Typography That Speaks Volumes

2023-11-17 01:15:17 +0100 | Source: Litmus

When we think about creativity in email, we often consider imagery as the go-to solution for eye-catching designs. There’s another way to get creative—typography. Learn how you can make an impact, too, as... Read more

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How Does Email Engagement Change During the Holiday Season?

2023-11-13 15:00:17 +0100 | Source: Litmus

The holiday email marketing season is here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but it feels more like a super hectic, stressful sprint to the finish line. It’s your last push to meet your... Read more