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How the Obama campaign succeeded with low open rates

2013-03-20 02:43:40 +0100 | Source: Email Experience Council

There is little doubt in my mind that email was the No.1 non-political contributor to Obamas win in the 2012 US Presidential race. 75% of the $934 million raised by Obama was attributed to digital and nearly... Read more

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Teach a Man to Phish . . . And Make Him a Millionaire

2013-03-06 09:37:43 +0100 | Source: Email Experience Council

In his recent Predictions & Unpredictions for 2013blog post, Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg talked about how brands marketing and security functions will need to join forces to fight phishing. One key reason is th... Read more

Reminder that Email Data is Hard to Interpret

2013-03-06 08:59:29 +0100 | Source: Email Experience Council

This blog post from DMNews editor Ginger Conlon is a great reminder that even when the data suggests that someone is in the target market, that there are still factors that impact the satisfaction of our subscriber... Read more