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Five email and mobile marketing insights from 2021 (Q1 to Q2)

2021-08-27 18:15:16 +0200 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Acoustic released exclusive findings of its report to help marketers understand shifting consumer preferences as we approach the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic’s holiday season The net?... Read more

Email marketing 2021-22: the glass is (at least) half full

2021-08-16 12:30:17 +0200 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Apple is pushing users to maximize the level of actual email engagement vs the superficial focus on lower-value data Strategy, content, and operational excellence should be the pillars of your... Read more

Why helpful marketing should outlast the pandemic

2021-05-07 17:12:48 +0200 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Due to the global pandemic, there’s a rise in helpful marketing Email marketing strategies have undergone a shift from brand-centric tactics to a customer-centric approach This philosophy is... Read more

The top three secrets to increasing email open and click rates in 2021

2021-03-24 11:00:41 +0100 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Emails remain an effective communications channel Don’t forget to constantly evaluate and optimize your email program Deliverability and engagement metrics can help you get the most out of a... Read more

Why email is critical for closing the personalization gap with ‘MADtech’

2021-01-11 10:52:41 +0100 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Consumers expect a personalized online experience from every brand. Marketers are struggling to deliver this precise personalization at scale. Adtech brings customers into the funnel, and martech... Read more

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Continuing trends & new opportunities: 5 predictions for email marketing

2021-01-05 10:57:19 +0100 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: In 2020, we saw a vast increase in the usage of email marketing as the volume of senders skyrocketed. Will this trend continue into 2021? Or should we expect a different kind of disruption in the... Read more

Email, SMS & push message marketing: Report shows increasing influence on consumer purchasing decisions

2020-12-10 10:52:17 +0100 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Email marketing conversions continue to climb: Email marketing’s performance continues to strengthen. In Q3 2020 alone, the conversion rate for promotional emails increased by 169%... Read more

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Tech Talk with Maropost: Cloud-based unified marketing automation platform

2020-10-23 10:37:56 +0200 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: The “marketing monster” is real – organizations end up spending a lot of time and money assembling several pieces of tech together to run their marketing engine, which is often... Read more

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Foolproof email hacks for stressed marketers

2020-08-25 10:48:54 +0200 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: Build in sections of your emails that can pull dynamic content that can change based on the day of the week, the weather, or a rotating supply of product recommendations or articles. You can also... Read more

Email-focused personalization is top priority for marketers

2019-12-23 12:25:29 +0100 | Source: Clickz

30-second summary: A new survey of its users by retail marketing platform Bluecore finds that targeted email personalization will be a top priority for marketers in the 2020s. The survey points to the need for a... Read more