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10 Best Outlook Alternatives You Should Not Ignore in 2020

2020-08-01 20:00:56 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Do you know which builds strong business relationships?. The olden yet a golden form of communication – Email. Business communication revolves around emails. Many use emails to disseminate confidential... Read more

5 Types of Email Newsletters Your Readers Actually Will Want to Read

2020-07-30 21:30:36 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Email marketing can be highly profitable when it’s done right. Each $1 spent on email marketing can generate $38 in profits. But you have to keep your newsletters interesting if you want your subscribers to... Read more

The 5 Best Sales Prospecting Email Templates That Get Responses

2020-07-30 14:30:42 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Sending out a prospecting email is a simple and useful way of connecting with someone who would benefit from what you have to offer. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for sales pros to get caught up in the... Read more

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7 Strategies to Improve Your Customer Experience With Email

2020-07-27 17:30:11 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Sometimes email marketing can feel like an ocean of buzzwords from the movie Office Space. Synergy. Circling back. Improving customer experience. Okay, that one’s actually important. But what if you’re... Read more

How to Write Promotional Emails (With Examples!)

2020-07-25 15:00:32 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

As far as technology has come, email marketing is still the most effective way to stay in touch with your target consumers. It allows you to stay at the forefront of their minds so that they can take action on... Read more

10 Email Marketing Challenges You Can Fix Right Now

2020-07-21 13:00:17 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Email marketing seems easy enough, right? Perhaps sending a bunch of emails to a bunch of people will work and you can sit back and watch the magic happen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Email marketing is an... Read more

5 Clever Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscribes

2020-07-15 20:00:25 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Email marketers know that not everyone will appreciate their emails and will unsubscribe. But when you notice a regular drop in numbers, that’s a sign something else is wrong. Was there something else you... Read more

The Essential Email Marketing Metrics to Use in Making Data-Driven Decisions

2020-07-14 15:30:37 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like making a certain decision is obviously beneficial? Yet, oftentimes you can’t explain why this decision is the best you can make. As a marketer, you must... Read more

What is Email Tracking and How to Use it for Customer Service

2020-07-14 15:00:28 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

People barely consider email tracking to be a new thing these days. Salespeople and marketers have been using it for the last 15 to 20 years to engage with leads in a better manner and develop an email marketing... Read more

How to Create an Irresistible Email Headline

2020-07-11 00:40:08 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign? If you’re having trouble generating conversions and sales through email, despite your growing lead list, it’s time to assess your... Read more