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Top 10 Best Cold Email Software: Which is Right for You?

2022-04-01 18:53:31 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

If you’re ready to scale your outreach campaigns, you’ll need the assistance of a cold email tool. Cold email software allows you to enroll prospects in campaigns automatically, create custom emails at... Read more

Best Email Help Desk Software: 10 Email Ticketing Systems For 2022

2022-04-01 15:38:32 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

One of the biggest problems with customer service is that it’s often difficult to track and manage customer interactions. This is especially true when those interactions happen through email, which can quickly... Read more

Best Email Tracking Software: Top 10 For 2022

2022-03-31 15:55:09 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Email marketing is an excellent way to build long-term relationships with your customers but what good is a campaign that cannot be evaluated? As a marketer, your job doesn’t end with sending out emails to your... Read more

Best Email Marketing Software – 10 Best Email Marketing Services for your Business 2022

2022-03-07 15:47:37 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

The right email marketing tools will change your email marketing game for the better. However, amongst the countless tools and software available in the market, finding the perfect partner for your business needs is... Read more

Cut and Waste: Are Your Marketing Emails Being Clipped?

2022-01-19 17:00:56 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

Websites are displayed in web browsers. Browsers, for the most part, agree on how things should work. There’s a high degree of standardisation. Emails are displayed in email clients. They do whatever the hell... Read more

What is Experiential Marketing? (And How to Incorporate It Into Marketing Emails)

2022-01-19 00:00:48 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, marketing entailed promoting your business in a TV commercial or magazine ad, then waiting for the phone to ring. Nowadays, in the age of inbound marketing and studying... Read more

The 9 Best HubSpot Email Marketing Tools That Help Support Best Practices and Drive Results

2022-01-18 17:00:30 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

How many marketing emails are currently in your inbox? And how many times have you interacted with a business because of one of those communications? The fact remains that while it’s common for people to delete... Read more

5 Data-Driven Resolutions for a Great Email Year in 2022

2022-01-04 15:00:09 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

As you put your 2022 marketing plans together, you’ll concentrate on acquisition, budget and campaigns. We would like to add another item to your list and move it to the No. 1 priority: Your data! Why data?... Read more

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Time to Send a Marketing Email

2022-01-03 21:00:50 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

Everyone’s email inbox is consistently receiving emails, especially marketing emails. These emails typically are spread throughout the day with some being received at odd hours of the day, such as early in the... Read more

Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates

2022-01-03 19:00:44 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

You spend hours crafting the perfect email, finally hit send, and then reality hits you. What if your subscribers don’t open it? This is one of the biggest concerns for all email marketers out there. However, if... Read more