Litmus 101: A How-To on Previews & Pre-send Checks

2020-10-30 19:46:02 +0100 | Source: Litmus

So, you got your Litmus account up and running and you’re ready to get started…but you’re not quite sure where to start. Well, you came to the right place for help! I’ll cover how to QA and... Read more

What Do Email Design and Legos Have in Common?

2020-11-02 18:55:55 +0100 | Source: Aweber

“Email design systems.” Sounds pretty complicated, right?  Not the way Matthew Smith describes it.  As Founder of Really Good Emails and design agency Fathom & Draft, Matthew Smith... Read more

Best Practices: Email Testing

2020-11-14 01:00:48 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

Testing emails allows you to experiment with different email elements to ensure that campaigns yield the best results and derive the most value. This leads to the opportunity to optimize which generally results in a... Read more

Tags : Testing

How to Create a Fundraising Email that Gets Opened and Drives Donations

2020-11-26 14:16:31 +0100 | Source: ConstantContact

First, some good news: Average email open rates for nonprofits in 2020 are better than the rates for some of today’s most competitive industries like real estate, tourism, legal services, and... Read more