Why Your Emails Are Going to Spam and Ways You Can Put a Stop to It

2021-09-07 09:00:35 +0200 | Source: Benchmark

Spam — to know it is to hate it. Ever since the first unsolicited advertisement was sent by telegraph in 1864, consumers have been contending with what we now call spam, and the mass adoption of email has only... Read more

The ROI of Email Marketing [Infographic]

2021-09-09 17:12:33 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Email marketing continues to be unmatched when it comes to the return on investment it drives. A whopping $36 for every $1 spent, in fact. Over 2,000 marketers weighed in to help us discover trends behind these... Read more

Keep Your Small Business Emails Out of The Spam Folder Using These Tips

2021-09-11 14:47:01 +0200 | Source: VerticalResponse

Small businesses are the backbone of countries around the globe. In the United States, they employ about 59 million people. The sad part is that only 40% of small businesses make a profit.  You might wonder how... Read more

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Email Deliverability Remediation: 6 Ways to Avoid Getting Burned

2021-09-27 17:00:56 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Brands tend not to spend much time thinking about their deliverability until it’s an inferno and many of their emails are being blocked. Faced with huge losses of revenue and engagement, brands then race to... Read more