Troubleshooting: part 3

2020-01-27 20:08:56 +0100 | Source: Word to the Wise

As I continue to think about how people troubleshoot email delivery I keep finding other things to talk about. Today we’re going to talk about the question most folks start with when troubleshooting delivery.... Read more

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Delivering Ep. 15: How Gmail Detects Spam and Some Industry News

2020-02-14 18:12:35 +0100 | Source: Litmus

In this episode of Delivering, host Jason Rodriguez digs into how Gmail classifies messages as spam before looking at a potentially disruptive new email service and the state of email surveys in 2020. Episode... Read more

Back at it

2020-03-09 20:22:12 +0100 | Source: Word to the Wise

Back at the office after traveling to visit a bunch of our US friends recently. A lot of news, both in and out of the email space, happened while we were gone. The biggest stories are outside the email space and I... Read more

Advice on coronavirus emails

2020-03-16 19:06:19 +0100 | Source: Word to the Wise

Gartner has some really good recommendations for companies considering mailing about the coronavirus pandemic. Launch your COVID-19-themed marketing email campaign only if you can answer yes to four questions: Am... Read more

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Misinformation on filters

2020-03-31 20:08:29 +0200 | Source: Word to the Wise

I’ve seen reports that someone is asserting that utm=COVID19 in URLs results in all mail going to bulk at multiple ISPs. This is the type of thing that someone says is true and dozens of folks believe it and... Read more

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