The 6 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask Themselves During COVID-19

2020-04-29 15:27:59 +0200 | Source: Aweber

Vino 301 Wine Concierge’s core business, providing wine tours and tastings in Maryland vineyards, came to a crashing halt during COVID-19.  When a two week shelter in place order quickly turned into... Read more

4 tips on using email personalization to connect with customers during hard times

2020-05-06 10:51:54 +0200 | Source: MailGen

Connecting effectively with customers is one of the biggest challenges marketers face during the COVID-19 outbreak. While email is often regarded as the best channel to reach them, the question is in knowing what to... Read more

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How to Segment Emails in a Webinar Sequence

2020-05-19 22:40:55 +0200 | Source: Campaign Monitor Blog

Have you ever attended a webinar or watched a recording of one? It’s not hard to understand the appeal. You get to increase your knowledge or learn new skills from vetted experts without traveling. Sometimes,... Read more