Email Marketing Reactivation and Why You Need to Focus on Inactive Customers

2018-04-02 22:30:28 +0200 | Source: Business2Community

Email is cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention, while also serving as the foundation of the marketing-to-sales funnel for the majority of marketers across industries. However,... Read more

How to reactivate your email list and re-engage your subscribers

2019-01-25 13:51:56 +0100 | Source: Email Monday

This story is about the very embarrassing #fail I made with MY OWN newsletter I made a Big mistake. What happened? Much like the plumber with leaky pipes…. I didnt send out an email to my list for a very long... Read more

Email Reactivation – Strategies to Win Back Dormant Customers

2019-11-20 15:30:25 +0100 | Source: Business2Community

As part of any good email strategy, customer acquisition, retention and reactivation are all components of a solid email plan. Acquiring new customers will always be a goal but focusing on retention is key. 65% of a... Read more