How to start a website from A to Z: A 5-step guide

2021-02-01 14:30:10 +0100 | Source: MadMimi

This article was originally published on Feb. 22, 2018, and updated on Feb. 1, 2021. It’s no secret that nearly 5 billion people across the world have access to the internet. From mobile devices to desktops, it... Read more

2010s to now: Email design trends that survived the test of time

2021-04-01 15:00:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Email has come a long way. Founded by Ray Tomlinson in 1971, what started as a way to communicate with colleagues who wouldn’t answer their phones evolved into a powerhouse. The email marketing channel continues... Read more

2021 kicks off with Apple iPhone increasing its lead in email client market share

2021-04-09 19:58:22 +0200 | Source: Litmus

How is it April already? Email client popularity last year was almost as up and down as the U.S. stock market. So, I was curious to see how it played out during the first quarter of the new year. We analyzed nearly 3... Read more

Decision tree: Do I actually need to QA test this email? [Infographic]

2021-04-15 21:00:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Are you gearing up for your next email campaign and wondering if you should QA test that email first? Maybe you’re using a pre-tested template, but you’ve changed things up since the last send. Or maybe,... Read more

New Menu Navigation Makes AWeber Easier and Faster

2021-05-25 21:15:19 +0200 | Source: Aweber

We are updating navigation menus in AWeber. Plus, the majority of AWeber is now fully mobile responsive so you have a great experience whether you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Why did we set up a new... Read more

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Is email dead? 7 ways brands can win the battle for inbox attention

2021-05-26 16:00:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Email inboxes get filled with any number of different types of communications. From transactional emails, personal conversations, business memos and promotions, inboxes are a mess of messages. So it’s no... Read more

Email Client Market Share in May 2021: The Recovery of Mobile and More

2021-06-08 16:00:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Small shifts over time lead to big change—and email client market share is no exception to that! That’s why, in our new blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the changes happening with email... Read more

Expect a boom in mobile activity on Prime Day this year

2021-06-11 20:39:49 +0200 | Source: MarketingLand

The numbers behind mobile use for e-commerce's blockbuster event, confirmed now for June 21 & 22. The post Expect a boom in mobile activity on Prime Day this year appeared first on MarTech. Please visit... Read more

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How Often Do Mobile Email Apps Update? (More Than You Might Think!)

2021-06-22 22:32:35 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Each time you hit send on that beautiful new campaign, there are a handful of factors that can impact your email rendering. These include: Your email service provider: Your ESP can make changes that affect the code... Read more

Mobile Eye-Tracking and What it Tells Us About Our Emails

2021-06-24 08:00:09 +0200 | Source: Benchmark

Did you know that nearly 81% of emails are opened on mobile devices? More and more, your subscribers are using mobile to read and engage with your email content. And while you already know that this means your emails... Read more

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