A Practical Guide to Using AI in Email Marketing (For the Conscientious Marketer)

2023-05-16 21:28:50 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent. From customer service chatbots to academic research and even fake Drake songs, AI is everywhere.  But as exciting as this new frontier is,... Read more

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A Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Imagery for Dark Mode Emails

2023-05-24 20:26:21 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Are your emails optimized for Dark Mode? If not, you might be neglecting a significant portion of your subscribers. Recent statistics show that over 35% of subscribers using Apple email clients open their emails in... Read more

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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails for May 2023

2023-05-25 22:39:29 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Welcome back to our monthly round-up of favorite emails! We at Litmus have handpicked a collection of emails that have landed in our inboxes recently—ones that captured our attention and kept us scrolling. From... Read more

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Discover The Benefits of Email Automation Software

2023-05-29 23:00:23 +0200 | Source: VerticalResponse

In the digital age, email has become a critical tool for businesses to reach out and engage with their customers. However, manually sending out individual emails to a large customer base can be time-consuming and... Read more

Cool 4th of July email ideas and creative design inspiration

2023-06-08 10:00:00 +0200 | Source: Aweber

As the U.S. prepares to celebrate Independence Day, there’s another holiday trend Americans can expect to look forward to: July 4th promotional emails. Whether you plan to host a huge sale, offer exclusive... Read more

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How to Design for Colorblindness: An Email Marketer’s Tips For Accessibility

2023-06-08 18:09:02 +0200 | Source: Litmus

You know accessibility matters. You probably wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t already know that it’s important to make sure that everyone reading your email gets to love and appreciate your... Read more

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Is Your Email Design Affecting Your Deliverability? How to Optimize Your Emails for Success

2023-06-21 08:00:48 +0200 | Source: Benchmark

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with their customers, but even the most well-crafted email campaigns won’t be effective if they don’t make it into... Read more

Design and send emails from anywhere

2023-07-12 17:38:35 +0200 | Source: Aweber

The full power of AWeber’s email design tool is now available and optimized for editing your messages on the go, using your mobile web browser. Whether you’re starting with a new message or making last... Read more

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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails of Summer 2023

2023-07-25 16:16:15 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite email roundup! It’s officially Vacay Season, so we opted to consolidate our favorite emails into one summertime showcase this year. You’d probably rather be laying... Read more

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The Top 7 2023 Black Friday Trends You’ll See This Year

2023-08-03 16:43:25 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Welcome to the email marketing Super Bowl. Despite a rise in shopping holidays throughout the year (looking at you, Prime Day), retail’s favorite pseudo-holiday, Black Friday, is still one of the busiest... Read more