The Importance of Template Health Checks

2020-05-20 12:39:07 +0200 | Source: Email Design Review

Email marketers often invest significant time and resource into designing and coding large master templates (also sometimes referred to as design systems). These can make the process of producing new mailings... Read more

Top Emails For May

2020-05-27 11:51:43 +0200 | Source: Email Design Review

Our top emails for May have inspired us to get creative! Making us want to redecorate our homes, dig out the fairy lights, and make DIY duvet forts  .     1. Airbnb SL: Stunning Airbnb scenes for your... Read more

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Webinar series: How to start a web design business

2020-06-09 01:01:40 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Have you been building websites on the side? Or just really like web design? Now might be a good time to start your own business. You can avoid pitfalls by learning from industry experts. To help you start off on the... Read more

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Bartering for web design: How to find your next client

2020-06-09 01:01:46 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Even before the pandemic, it could be hard for web designers and developers to find new clients, especially for new web designers. In an effort to bring you some new, creative ways to approach prospective clients, I... Read more

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4 Nonprofit Email Newsletter Design Tips

2020-06-11 20:32:42 +0200 | Source: Campaign Monitor Blog

While email marketing works similarly across industries, when it comes to the purpose of their email newsletters, each has different goals in mind. For those in the nonprofit industry, chances are you aren’t... Read more

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Trending in Email Design: Photography

2020-06-18 17:30:21 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Each year, we see new design trends shaping digital marketing—from the use of color and imagery to typography trends, interactivity, and more. In our “Trending in Email Design” series, we look at the... Read more

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What is responsive email design?

2020-06-30 13:49:24 +0200 | Source: WhatCounts

Responsive design became a must-have of email marketing when mobile devices started to account for larger and larger portions of viewership. Responsive design is a form of email marketing design that helps you achieve... Read more

8 New Email Templates to Help You Grow Your Business

2020-07-07 21:26:15 +0200 | Source: Aweber

A good subject line gets your audience to open your email, but a well-designed email keeps the reader engaged — leading to higher click-through rates, better engagement, and increased sales.  Email... Read more

Why Email Design is Important, and 12 Best Practices to Improve Yours

2020-07-15 13:30:00 +0200 | Source: Hubspot

In 2018, there were over 3.7 billion email users around the world. By 2022, this number is expected to increase to 4.3 billion. A group within that large number of users includes your business’s target... Read more

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16 Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns & How to Run Your Own

2020-07-31 14:15:00 +0200 | Source: Hubspot

Consumers love connecting with brands via email, and it's a channel that continues to provide ROI. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, marketers receive an average of $42 in return (HubSpot State of... Read more

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