How to create a Code of Ethics for your web design business

2020-04-21 15:49:09 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

A Code of Ethics is a guiding set of principles used by professionals to run their business with integrity, honesty, and accountability. Beyond describing details as to what the professional shall or shall not do, the... Read more

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The Perfect Email Envelope

2020-04-23 14:57:34 +0200 | Source: Email Design Review

We all want our subscribers to open our emails – a key metric that people have been chasing since the dawn of email. We wanted to focus on some attributes of your email envelope that could help increase your... Read more

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Brands Reinventing Their Strategies Amidst COVID-19

2020-04-30 14:48:54 +0200 | Source: Email Design Review

We understand the power of communication through email between brand and consumer. As a designer at Action Rocket I have the fortune of not only working at a fantastic agency but also working with some top... Read more

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How Design Systems Empower Email Teams Everywhere: Webinar Recording + Q&A

2020-04-30 18:24:51 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Whether you work with a remote email team or not, email design systems can help you. From scaling your programs and ensuring consistency, to saving time when designing and coding emails, a strong design system has... Read more

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How to Maximize Team Collaboration with Litmus: Webinar Recording + Q&A

2020-05-08 17:02:18 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Collaboration is key to getting more effective emails out the door faster, so you can spend time on what matters most: driving conversions. But, that’s easier said than done. We’re here to help. Your... Read more

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Trending in Email Design: Geometry

2020-05-18 21:47:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

Each year, we see new design trends shaping digital marketing—from the use of color and imagery to typography trends, interactivity, and more. In our “Trending in Email Design” series, we look at the... Read more

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The Importance of Template Health Checks

2020-05-20 12:39:07 +0200 | Source: Email Design Review

Email marketers often invest significant time and resource into designing and coding large master templates (also sometimes referred to as design systems). These can make the process of producing new mailings... Read more