Case Studies

How this Leadership Coach Responded in Real Time to Sell A Course

2021-11-08 16:55:25 +0100 | Source: Aweber

Using AWeber ecommerce, Leela Sinha was able to set up a course payment page in a few hours, and start taking payments for the course ASAP. A Facebook rant turns into a popular thread on gender... Read more

Inside the Partnership Marketing System That’s Helped Rajiv Nathan Nearly 2x His Business in 2021

2021-12-03 21:19:04 +0100 | Source:

What if you could not make a single additional sale for the rest of 2021… And STILL outperform your 2020 sales by 30%? That’s the kind of growth our client Rajiv Nathan reported all the way back in... Read more

How Kody Duncan Generated $67k in Coaching Sales by Swiping One Email (Swipe Copy Included)

2022-03-15 17:36:16 +0100 | Source:

Here’s the secret most self-proclaimed marketing “gurus” don’t want to admit: Behind every genius email email, ad, or sales page they’ve ever written…there’s an even better... Read more

How Taylorr Doubled His High-Ticket Close Rate with Our “Irresistible” Offer Framework

2022-04-15 20:00:53 +0200 | Source:

“The offer became so irresistible that selling it is just…it’s butter. It’s so easy.” What if selling your product actually felt easy instead of painfully awkward? Most coaches and... Read more

How Andrea Said Goodbye to Facebook Ads and Sold Out Her $4k Coaching Program

2022-04-15 20:14:34 +0200 | Source:

Ever had an “oh crap” moment in your business? That’s what happened when Facebook shut down Andrea Lowell’s ads account without warning. Or explanation. (They can do this at any time,... Read more