A/B Testing

The Results Are In: A/B Testing HTML vs. Plain Text Emails

2020-10-23 15:00:44 +0200 | Source: Litmus

The HTML vs. plain text debate has been raging for years. And when we asked you, we got a lot of mixed replies. Internally, we’ve been discussing the pros and cons of the plain text email and whether it has a... Read more

How to Create a Fundraising Email that Gets Opened and Drives Donations

2020-11-26 14:16:31 +0100 | Source: ConstantContact

First, some good news: Average email open rates for nonprofits in 2020 are better than the rates for some of today’s most competitive industries like real estate, tourism, legal services, and... Read more

Email Split Tests You Can Set Up in 1 Minute

2021-02-04 17:30:59 +0100 | Source: Aweber

In marketing, sometimes you don’t know what works until you try. Thankfully, with email split testing, you can easily find out what content your subscribers prefer and send messages that get more opens, clicks,... Read more

How to Split Test Subject Lines Like a Newsletter with 2.5 Million Subscribers

2021-04-20 20:43:16 +0200 | Source: Aweber

Stuck between two subject line ideas? It’s impossible to know which will yield the best results without running a split test — commonly called an A/B test. A split test gives you real feedback on which... Read more

How to set yourself up for A/B testing success

2021-06-14 21:19:33 +0200 | Source: Litmus

One thing I love about email is data. Because it’s so readily available, it’s easy to run split tests and see email performance in real time. You’ll often find me poring over spreadsheets and... Read more

How to Do Email A/B Testing Right (+ 10 Easy Ideas to Start Now)

2021-06-23 16:00:00 +0200 | Source: Litmus

This or that? If you’re tired of making email marketing decisions based on hunches (or trying to get buy-in for your plans), then some email A/B testing might be in order. With a bit of foresight and planning,... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Preview Text

2021-07-28 23:04:05 +0200 | Source: Litmus

It’s as easy as that. If your preview text is shorter than the inbox space you’re given or you want to make sure there is empty space after your preview text, there’s an easy hack for that.... Read more

Litmus Live 2021: Top 10 Takeaways from Day 2

2021-10-28 17:14:24 +0200 | Source: Litmus

And just like that, Litmus Live 2021 is officially over! We recently wrapped up the second (and final) day of Litmus Live—THE conference for email marketers. Our notebooks are filled with takeaways from our... Read more