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4 things you should expect from your WooCommerce payments provider 

2021-05-12 17:00:52 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Let’s talk WooCommerce payments providers. The payment process is one of the most critical parts of the online shopping experience—your customer has browsed your store, made their selections, and is ready... Read more

The State of Email Marketing: The Lasting Effects of the Pandemic on Email Priorities

2021-05-12 16:53:06 +0200 | Source: Email Experience Council

We’re experiencing a myriad of crises all at once—ranging from the pandemic health crisis to social unrest and insurrection to financial crises. These have led to profound changes in consumers’... Read more

Introducing the Dark Mode Toolkit

2021-05-12 16:14:47 +0200 | Source: Litmus

We’ve talked a lot about Dark Mode in the past. We even released an ebook going over everything you need to know about Dark Mode emails. But not everyone can go from zero to full Dark Mode support, even with the... Read more

Natasha Williams: A Miami tap dancer dreams of an entrepreneurial future

2021-05-12 15:30:25 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

If you’ve seen a tap dancer perform in or around Miami, chances are it was Natasha Williams — or maybe one of her students. A resident of Little Havana, Natasha fell in love with tap when she started... Read more

Top Lessons From Fashion Brands That Create Runway-Worthy Emails

2021-05-12 08:00:02 +0200 | Source: Benchmark

Vaccination cards are being flaunted, and people are stepping out again just in time for summer! After a whole year of lounging around at home in sweatpants, people are ready to update their spring and summer... Read more

Lee Drozak: WP Site Success

2021-05-11 18:04:18 +0200 | Source: MadMimi

Lee Drozak operates WP Site Success, a WordPress-focused agency based in rural Pennsylvania. Catch up with Lee on Twitter and LinkedIn. The who: Given a business name is so central to a brand, we tend to put a lot of... Read more

Confessions of a marketer: Webinar recording + Q&A

2021-05-11 16:21:58 +0200 | Source: Litmus

There’s always something you don’t know—or something you’ve screwed up. We’ll be the first to admit what we don’t know about the industry or own up to sending test emails to a... Read more

What’s New with Constant Contact? (May 2021)

2021-05-11 15:00:00 +0200 | Source: ConstantContact

In the spirit of what I’m about to ask you to do, I’m going to take my own advice. We’re mixing it up and trying something new. If you’ve ever watched one of our “what’s new”... Read more

Growing Your Best Retail Store Email List

2021-05-11 13:35:00 +0200 | Source: ConstantContact

With the rise of social media platforms, messenger services, and chat apps over the past ten years, some may have expected retail email marketing to fall by the wayside. While these social media avenues can be... Read more

12 Email List Management Best Practices for More Engagement in 2021

2021-05-11 12:42:44 +0200 | Source: GetResponse

Start improving your email list management and get more value out of your email campaigns in 2021. Here are 12 ways, examples, and tools to get you started. Read more